Chinese student at Language Institute, CMU wins Thai Speech Contest in China


Ms. Zhao Zejun, Thai Language Major student, Dali University, China has been studying Thai Language at CMU’s Language Institute, under the Project “Thai Language for Dali University Students”. She has been awarded the 1st Excellent Prize in the Thai speech contest on “Yunnan under Alternative Cloud, Scintillation of Dream on the Day of Beautiful Sky” on March 11, 2016 at Dali University. Candidates from 22 universities had participated in this contest. Ms. Zhao Zejun said that she felt pressured as she only had one week to prepare for the contest and was very excited to win as she didn’t want to disappoint her Thai teachers, Mr. Raywat Pianpotjananart, Thai Language Lecturer, Language Institute, Chiang Mai University and Ms. Maliya Maria, Lecturer at Dali University.

CMU Scholarship Student’s Study Visit to Japan

160902102432CMU’s Language Institute together with Mr. Noboru Wada, Chairman of Yamaguchi Data Processing Services, Inc., which has created the “Specified Nonprofit Corporation Society of Japanese Language Education in South East Asia (JALESEA)”, has awarded Japanese language scholarships including a study visit to Japan to 2 CMU students, the recipients were: 1. Ms. Uthumporn Dandok-aueng, the 2nd Year Undergraduate Student 2. Mr. Warithorn Chi-nawong, the 3rd Year Undergraduate Student Before the students had received scholarships, together with 40 other applicants had written a composition in Thai answering the question “Why he/she would like to study Japanese”. CMU’s Language Institute then selected 25 persons to study Japanese for 2 years, after which 2 students who were outstanding in their language capacity were selected to take a study visit to Japan during April 11-16, 2016, together with scholarship recipients from Ramkhamhaeng University. Mr. Warithron said that he enjoyed his first study visit to Japan very much and he would like to thank everyone who had given this chance to him. Ms. Uthumporn said that she had gained knowledge including good memories from the things she had experienced and she would like to thank every senior person including the officers who had participated in this activity.

Temasek Foundation Specialists’ Community Action Leadership Exchange Program (TF-SCALE) 2016 Opening Ceremony

160518122952CMU’s Language Institute held the opening ceremony and orientation for the “Temasek Foundation Specialists” Community Action Leadership Exchange Program (TF-SCALE) 2016” on May 18, 2016, in collaboration with Gnee-Ann University, Singapore, with CMU’s Associate Professor Dr. Thanaruk Suwanprapisa, Vice President for Student Development presiding over this event. 25 CMU students have been selected to participate for free in the program, which hosts various activities including a workshop and a field trip to various places in Singapore. The students will travel on May 23, 2016 to Singapore and shall attend the program until June 10, 2016.